Sunday, December 21, 2008

124 College Avenue

These girls are amazing. I have enjoyed living with them this past semester. We had lots of crazy times, wonderful conversations, and lots of laughing. Each of these girls taught me something throughout the semester that will stick with me my whole life.

Jaime: Very aware of everyone. Has a good perspective of life, she's able to see the bigger picture. College graduate. She always wants to do what is right, and encourages others to do the same. Got me hooked on tetris, and even got my fastest time for me. I loved it when it was just the two of us home we could talk for hours and take lots of pictures of ourselves.

Brooke: My roommate roommate. Although this girl was usually with some else this semester she was all mine at curfew. I enjoyed talking about our day, troubles, fun times, and life when the lights went out. Brooke is very organized and gets things done. I saw her fall in love with a great fellow. She taught me the importance of temperance and trusting in the Lord.

Caitlin: I probably shouldn't say this but I think she could very possibly be my favorite roommate. She is extremely talented. And works so hard...staying at the Clark building till 11:30 pm. She is so fun to be around. Can take a joke and give one right back. She always is thinking of others. And she is a top notch person when it comes to arbitration. Not to mention has really cute clothes.

Krisann: Who knew so much joy and laughter could be bottled up in this little person. You are always in for a good time when she is around. Props to her for getting up every morning for a 7:45 am Chemistry class. She is teaching her self how to play the guitar and she is always serving others. She was working 2 jobs and taking hard classes. This girl is wonder woman. And apparently I never took a picture with just the two of us. Well at least we are living together next semester.

LoRi: I guess you could say I save the best for last. I really owe so much to this girl. She has been my saving grace. Lori can always make you smile. She will give you a hug, act goofy with you and tell you to kiss boys and falls asleep in my bed. She is always making someone lunch and having them over to help study or something. She loves Jeffree Dean Shirley. Always looks good and makes you feel like a million bucks.

I love these girls. Good Luck Jaime I know that we'll see you often this next semester. I wouldn't have been able to make it with out you guys this semester.

I love YOU!!!!


Christy said...

Hey I have that red dress that your roomie is wearing!

Clarissa Jane said...

You are a fox girlfriend!! AND having too much fun without me. Luf you so very much!