Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"Goin courtin, goin courtin"

Boy meets girl....boy likes girl...girl likes boy...boy asks girl....girl says yes...boy and girl get married.....if only it was that easy.

I remember when I turned 16. It was a fun time. I was excited to drive although many tears were shed in the process of learning to drive stick shift. But now I must tell you, the tears were worth it. I love driving stick shift. I became a laurel in the young womens program, and I was able to date. And the best part was, it was all for fun. Well for me anyways. I wasn't one in high school to really want to steady date. I knew that the council from the prophets and apostles was to stay away from having a serious boyfriend at such a young age. Plus, I didn't want to be the reason a boy did serve a faithful mission.

I remember when I turned 18 things changed alittle bit, mostly the fact that I was moving out soon, and I no longer attened young womens but now I went to relief society. When I moved to college I learned that it's a new kind of dating. Yes it's still for fun, but people have a goal in mind. And thats what should be happening.

I've learned there are 3 kinds of love:
1. Eros--Romantic Love
2. Philia--Brotherly Love
3. Storge--Family Affection
4. Agape--Christlike Love

I learned something this semester. Love isn't something we create, it is a gift. Therefore I think we must desire and work for that gift. As we date I think that there should be a brotherly love and then that could turn into Eros--Romantic love. But you just can't make that happen.

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