Monday, February 9, 2009

Black Out Bandits!!!

These girls, have a special place in my heart. Jessica Barry, Kayla McKinnon, Rashell Trunell, and Katie Thomas. And I just met Rebekah Stoneheart and love her already. These girls are such great examples to me. They are full of goodness, they never want to bring down anyone, and we always have fun finding ways to serve others. During the summer we had lots of fun adventures, but the most memerable is our last week together. We set a goal to do something fun everyday, and then we made cookies for people in the ward. One day we went and took pictures in the gardens, another we walked to get snow cones, and we ended it with hot tubbing at a bishopric members house followed by camping out in the Bishop's back yard. These girls can be so spontanous, it's not a rare occasion to stay up late talking or just doing something fun.

Well as always times changes and so do people. Jessica has been called to serve in Nauvoo as an ASL missiony, and Kayla will be starting her papers very soon. Katie is going to be transferring to Utah State next fall, and I'll be graduating in December. Rashell will also be serving a mission. We got together this past weekend to have a few laughs and create some more memories. We took some more pictures and then we went and visited the Bishop and Bro. James from the bishopric. I love every single one of these girls. They bring out the best in me. The only thing that would make it perfect would be Kristal Hunt Barnes!

Yes, sometimes things may seem a little upside down.....

We were smiling either because we have crushes on boys or because we are going to be living together this summer. Both of which are great things.

We tried creating a "band" picture, it's hard with the snow.

Umm...I'm not really sure. We look good though

Jessica....Nauvoo will never be the same!!! Oh how I miss her. But I love her more.

Funny enough this picture kindof describes each of us. We miss you Kristal!

This is Kayla, I love her!

The Lord has blessed me with great friends.

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Jessica said...

I'm so glad you put all this up here. This weekend I kept thinking one thing as we hung out all together for one of the last times. "Try as we might, happy as we were, we can never go back." And I cried. I know we are all going on to make our lives better but it seems almost too big a sacrifice when you realize things will never be how they were living at Royal Crest the summer or 08. I'm so happy you wrote a little bit about our last weekend. I'm mad I didn't write that down in my journal. Thanks Bekah! Love you!