Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No Internet=No Bueno

So...I live in a house on College Ave. It's a cute, spacious, newly remodeled, and lots of windows. I truly do love living in the house. One thing....Internet is horrible. We went to Arbitration last semester with RentMaster and the "court" ruled in our favor, we got our Internet fixed and received $$ in return. Up until now we haven't had any problems. Not that I want to have to go through that whole process again. But I wish that the Internet would work. Luckily because of that experience, the managers (who are great by the way) are helping us get it fixed. It's just taking a while.

So that is the reason for not blogging lately. School is busy, work is busy...tournament started this week, and spring is supposed to be coming. I have an exciting weekend coming up....but you'll have to wait to hear about that after it happens.


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Ashley said...

Bekah!!! Have a fun weekend in Utah! I am so excited to hear all about it!!!