Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Life...as of yet!

This day changed my life. I wrote about having the opportunity to attend the President's Club in Salt Lake City. Well I did get to meet and talk to Pres. Eyring and his dear wife. After conference I have an even stronger testimony that this man is a servant of our Lord. I know that he is human, but he's not just a man. He's a witness of Jesus Christ. He dedicates his whole life to serving our Savior and declaring His word. I'm so grateful for prophets and apostles. I know that what they teach is true. I loved conference. I felt that during these difficult times things are progressing beautifully in the church. "The future is bright"--Pres. Monson.

Yes, we are well on our way into April. I'm so happy. I think April Fools is a fun day. Sadly I wasn't clever enough nor had the time to do play any tricks on anyone. My roommate Annie opened up her drawer in the hallway to get ready for bed and found that her belongs had been switched with her food. Lori and Caitlin were responsible for this, I thought was funny and then quickly checked my drawer I went and told her that I was safe unless they had touched my undies, which why would they do that? The next morning after taking a shower I was wrapped in a towel getting dressed, I opened my underwear drawer picked some to wear when I noticed they were tangled with another pair, I didn't think anything of it and figured the dryer had done that. But to my surprise, every piece of underwear that I have was tied together. They had touched my undies....

Please excuse the pictures they do show my underwear and all of us just woke up and not completely ready for the day. Remember this is April 2nd!

Touche to them. I thought it was a marvelous April Foos trick.

During these crazy final weeks of school, it's a blessing to have a great FHE group. This semester has been one of my favorite groups for FHE. We always have a fun time together. This particular Monday we went and played "Ninja and Zombie" tag. It's was so fun to climb all over a playground again, and especially get some exercise. I'm really going to miss everyone in this group. We've spent lots of fun times together. They've put up with my silly games like, "say one thing you like about the person next to you" or "best and worst" I've learned something from every single person. I'm so grateful that I'm able to surround myself with good people.
Yeah for the Foster Children.

Here are some my wonderful roommates, these girls have seen the best and worst of me. I'm going to miss each of them. None of us will be living together again.
Brooke is getting married in less than 2 weeks.
LoRi will be getting married this summer.
Annie is serving a misison.

I've crossed this border many times, yet this was the first time I have documented.
My dear friend David Landeen tied the knot for eternity March 28 in the Draper Utah Temple. It was fun to share the special day with him. Chenae is perfect for him, she of course looked beautiful. I wish them the best!!!
It's been a good semester. I'll probably write about it more, but looking back, this semester has been like nothing else I've ever experienced. I'm thankful for the Lord's hand in my life. I don't know why I'm always surprised when things are totally different than I ever imagined and yet they are 100 times better than I could ever imagine. I am receiving higher education, I'm healthy, I have a job, I'm getting good grades, I have an eternal family, I'm an aunt, I love my roommates, I'm involved on campus, I have food to eat, and so much more. I have nothing to complain about. I'm excited for the changes of spring semester. Bring on the sun....
Life is good!


Hannah Jane said...

They touched your underwear!!! Gross... But very genius!!!

Hailey the Goose said...

never been more proud of a special.

way to be.
and way to post the pic, i think i'm funny by saying you are lying. but you know i'm funny. hopefully those who read sense i'm just a creep who is bored at work.

the things is your life sounds so good. i'd like to take part in it. luckily you'll be in UT and i'll have the oppertunity.

Becky Green said...

You have SO MANY pairs of underwear! I couldn't believe how long the rope of underwear was :)


Christy said...

Dang you have a lot of undies!