Sunday, May 10, 2009

The happs of Spring

Here are the happenings of Spring thus far. Starting with the most recent.

This was probably one of the funnest things I've ever done in Rexburg.

Some of the new roommates...Orchid and Katie

Green Canyon!!! Fun times were had.

Two great minds think alike...

Just some wonderful friends. Erin who will be serving in the San Hosa Mission in June and Kayle who will be turning in her papers soon. God Speed Sisters!

Jaime on of my best friends married a good friend Max Power....aka Matt McMurry

Draper Temple...I think I want to get married there.

So there you have it. Who knows what will be next. I just need to remember to take more pictures. Happy Mother's Day. I love my mom dearly, she's a best friend and is a great example of how I want emulate my life.
over and out good buddy


caron said...

Is that a synchronized swim in the making?! Yee haw!!
And I totally dig the tandem bike.

Christy said...

So when are you gonna graduate, move back to Utah, and marry my brother so we can be sisters in law? :)

Lacey said...

Yes, you definitely need to start taking more pitcures! The biking date looked like it was a lot of fun.

Brynne said...

Love those two! Seriously looked so beauitful and looks like Spring is treating you well thus far. Love to my girf!

Jaime said...

I haven't been a good blog-checker, but I just found this little guy... thanks Schmeek. I feel famous whenever I get to be on your blog. And I'm sorry you were so sick. Maybe it was the Swine.