Monday, June 29, 2009


One great thing about being a Recreational Management major you have to take skill classes. These classes can be anything from backpacking to mountain biking. I'm taking a canoeing class, I love love love it. My class is lucky because we get to go twice a week instead of once. Every class we are out on the water. I've learned so much and feel confident in a canoe.

This past Saturday I went to a single adult activity to the Palisades near Manti. My dad took his new canoe and I was able to teach him some strokes. We didn't tip over...a first with this new canoe. Because it was a beautiful day I wore my swimming suit, and didn't put any sun screen on. My arms are a beautiful golden brown, my calves are super white but not super tan, and my thighs....well they are lobster red.

A small price to pay to enjoy some time in a canoe.


Ashley said...

haha... your description about the color of your skin sounds exactly what I go through every summer!
Sounds like such a fun class!

Trevor said...

I have never even been in a boat. Jealous.

Alex and Orchid Christensen said...

You have the cutest blog. I love you... and I missed you last night. I hope you had tons of fun on your camping trip. I love and miss you!