Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Women's Conference....

Here he is Ladies and Gentleman....America's Heart Throb.  What a cutie.  He of all people came and spoke at the Utah Women's Conference.  He was absolutely adorable. 

And yes I even got a picture with him. 

And it got better as we went through out the day.  Larry Gelwix is the coach for the Highland Rugby might have seen the movie Forever Strong.  He is the master behind that operation.  I loved his workshop, he is doing great things in this world.

Roger Williams who I'm sorry I had never heard of before, but it was so fun to hear him live.  He made the keys sound like butter....well I guess if butter had a sound. It was so so so smoothe.  He's pretty funny too.

But then I was on cloud nine....out walked Mrs. Laura Bush the former First Lady.  I was so so so excited.  She is so fun to listen to.  Because she no longer is the President's wife she spoke out a little bit more.  She even brought a bobble head of herself that her friend found on a clearance rack somewhere.  So so great.

Kind of an awkward picture but as you can see, I'm happy as a clam.

It was a wonderful day with my mom and Hannah.  Hopefully it can become a tradition now. 

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Rad Rachel said...

OH my goodness you totally are buds/lovers with Davy! Wow. Jealous much? Um why didn't I hear about this amazing conference?