Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I likey!!!!

Yes...I watch American Idol. Yes I love Tim Urban.
I got this picture from goosey's blog


Brian and Jaclyn said...

me likey him too!!!

Hailey Jones said...

so glad he is in the top twelve.
love him.
sad to see mullet man go.
get rid of aaron.
we already had d-a. the 16 y/o heart throb.
from MHS.
love you david.
but srsly.
get aaron out and bring sweet alex back.
what about blonde getting so ticked.
beware of pride.
guess she wasn't as good as she thougt.

who is your fav girl.
need to know.
love you.
come eat at my house and we will watch ai and drool over big t.
by big i mean little.
and maybe you should marry him?
whatchu think.
i mean he is relig.


love you.

Alex and Orchid Christensen said...

Sha ha ha !