Tuesday, March 30, 2010

History in the Making

I have fond memories of my college days.  I say that as if I have been graduated for ages now.  Sometimes it seems like that.  It's amazing all that you can pack in 4 1/2 years.  I have wonderful memories.  Some of these pictures don't do justice.  But I just wanted to post some of them.
We found out after we ate these that we weren't supposed to have food in the hot tub.  Ooops.
Erinn and I took many walks together that summer.
That lake is really cold.
On our drive home from Rigby Lake.  Typical of us to take pictures.  There's more where this came from.

This giant potatoe is in Driggs Idaho, I passed it many times. This is the only time we stopped to take pictures.

Christmas exchange.  This was our last Christmas all together.  December 2006 Kensington Manor 102

This was Lindsay's birthday cake.  As you can tell we really enjoyed ourselves.

The best visiting teacher.  I still remember this night actually.  I think this was saying goodbye before I left for DC.

Never a dull moment in the Power House.

Jaime...I love you.  I remember this day as well.  I think we took 1000 pictures.  It was just us two home.

oh Caitlin, this was after we found out you were going to be a director for Service.  YEah!!

Oh what beauties....

This was clean checks one night.  ahahhaha

So fun.  Another Christmas exchange. 

I love Mandy

This was after playing monsters and zombies at the park.  So fun.

Annie!!! We went to Green Canyon or maybe we tried to go to Green Canyon and it was closed.

April Fools,  yes they tied my underwear together.  Best trick ever.

The Bandits.  We were a powerful force to behold.    This was right before Kayla broke her collar bone.

Singing Happy Birthday to Bishop after his cupcakes fell on the ground because Krystal tripped...oh boy

This was a typical Tuesday....activities meeting.  Get Involved.

the beautiful lodge...oh how I love that place.

Hay Hay Hay!!! Hayley and I tried on lots of hats.

Last summer we tried to celebrate the 4th of July but it was too windy...in Rexburg of course.

Service Group.

Hannah Montana...girls night out for Orchid.

Masquerade Murder Mystery dinner.  So so so fun and new Halloween tradition.

Here is just a little of my history, the rest is still in progress.....



Jeff and Lori said...

Singing beauty and the beast, coming out of the closet, and just being crazy.... Oh, Bekah! I love you!!!

Alex and Orchid Christensen said...

ha ha ha LORI AND JAMIE LOOK SO FUNNY IN THOSE PICTURES.... I'm staying in the Bountiful Country in z7 Suites can I see you??? OH from like 9pm tomorrow till Saturday??

Mandy Torgrimson said...

Ahhh, the memories...isn't it nice to reminisc?