Tuesday, April 20, 2010

School back in session

Since being graduated I have missed school.  Yes it's true, I miss being back in the books.  I love learning, and excelling, and really just the daily routine. 

I am back at school. But not at BYU-Idaho.  I now attend American Preparatory Academy (APA).  I am an instructor for a 3rd grade class, and I teach 3 break out groups for reading, math, and spelling.  You may ask what does this have to do with your major. Well I do aid recess. 

Lets be honest, its a job, and it's a good job.  I love the hours, I love my young associates even though some are naughty and have sticky hands, but they are great.  You have to be careful what you say around these little ones at any moment they burst out into a cheer about how AWESOME they are, or what a FANTASTIC job they did. 

I received a warm welcome from some darling little boys in my class:

I personally like the volcano with the flowers in front.  Aren't they so thoughtful. 

Other than that, I'm enjoying the spring weather, serving in the Relief Society, and hanging with the family.

Oh and Tim is still on AI, and I also enjoy Dancing with the Stars--my favs are Erin and Maks and Evan and Ana.  woot woot



Alex and Orchid Christensen said...

were you called to be President!!! I knew it would happen to you!! Incredible woman! I am so excited for your new job!? What kind of hours do you work??

Carlye said...

Good work Bekah! This job seems perfect for you. I bet you are so good with this age group!

Jen said...

That sounds like an awesome job.

Tuzi Salz said...

Boy? Email me...tyandsuzfamily@gmail.com...Let's be pen pals.

Mandy Torgrimson said...

Sounds like a fun job! I love love love working with kids too. They make you feel like a celebrity!