Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer lovin!

Here it is already June 9, 2010.  Summer is well on her way and I couldn't be happier.  

I had so much fun being with the 3rd graders at APA.  They kept me me on my toes but at the end of the day I was always laughing.  

Since schools been out I haven't had a whole lot of time like I thought I would.  

  • My family went to Bear Lake which was lots of fun.  It wasn't the warmest up there but it was pleasant and it was nice just to get away.  
  • Then I went to school Lagoon day, which so happened to be 9th grade Lagoon day all across the valley.  I thought I wanted to pull my hair out....ok it wasn't that bad, but I'm so happy I'm not 14 anymore.  The little ladies didn't finish dressing before they left the house and the little boys were walking "with there pants on the ground".  To be young and in love, they were so excited to be walking around holding hand awkwardly and some couldn't even wait in line for 2 mins with locking lips.  I admit there were some fine young men and women there, but there were some that I just wanted to give a good spanking.  None the less it was an enjoyable day with my mom, Dinah and her friend Rachel who by the way was brave enough to ride Samuri with me.
  • I got some hours at the grocery store which is always nice to get some money.  I sometimes wonder what I'm doing there after 7 years, but they let me come back and I could use the money right now.  
  • Bye Bye Birdie rehearsals are in full swing.  I'm having so much fun.  It's a great cast and I'm enjoying being back "on stage".
  • I'm training for a new job.  More details to come if it
A nasty flu has made the rounds in our family and it all started with the little guy...Benjamin. He passed it on to his mother Cori, then Caleb got it, I came home from work early feeling like I got hit by a truck and learned that my dad was down as well.  It was horrible.  Saturday is a night I do want to repeat.  I didn't see the light of day on Sunday. But I did enjoy sitting out on the front porch during the beautiful thunder and lightening storm.  And Monday I was finally feeling better...just 10 pounds lighter.

Maks and I have gotten more acquainted.  We are getting along great and I see a bright future for us.

As you can see I'm pretty  much smitten.

Life is good. Stayed tuned.


Alex and Orchid Christensen said...

I love you!! AND I'm so excited for your summer thus far, except for the flu part of it...I totally understand your feelings about those obnoxious 9th grades... it starts in 7th grade.... lol that were I was this entire year! Bye Bye Birdie Rehearsals??? Are you in the musical!? When is the show? Where are you doing it? Is this a small town thing? Rexburg stinks... I wish they had something like that for me to participate in.... I've been bored out of my mind because I'm at home all day.... who would hire me... I'm pregnant!

Jaime said...

Ick. I really don't like Lagoon. I hated it when I was little and your day sounds like a disaster. Ick.

Katie S. said...

That musical is so fun, my sisters and brother were in it when they were in high school. My brother only had one line, but he said it with pride! John would love to have a Mac someday. I borrowed my roommate's once and it took me about eight full minutes just to figure out how to check my e-mail :)