Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This story begins almost exactly a month ago.  I was feeling pain in my tummy whenever I ate anything.  Thinking it was bad indigestion I took some tums and figured I was good to go.  Nope I wasn't. So I tried lemon tea and flax seed oil pills...that didn't work either.  After a very uncomfortable time at the State Fair (yes the home of greasy yummy food) I had a thought that maybe it was my gall bladder.

I didn't even know what a gall bladder was. My mom did some research and I had most of the symptoms. We tried a liquid diet. Attempted to make some soup but we got the ingredients mixed up and turned out to be cilantro soup...not so good. Finally after much pain and "encouragement" I went to go see a doctor.  He thought it was gall bladder issues as well.  I finally learned what your gall bladder does. It helps process fatty foods thus when not working properly it hurts after you eat.  He scheduled some blood work and an ultra sound.  Both came back "normal". I didn't know what normal was, so then he scheduled another ultra-sound. One which I can't remember the name but I was injected with a hormone to make my gall bladder do it's thing, that actually caused pain and so they knew for sure that something was wrong.  Strangely enough my gall bladder is working properly but it just hurts when its working.

The Doc then scheduled me to meet with a surgeon.  Yes I was nervous.  I'm so grateful my sister Abby was there with me otherwise I think I would have cried.  The surgeon asked me all the same questions as every one else did and felt my tummy.  For some reason he didn't think that cheese fries and milk shakes were helping with the pain.  Yup it was my gall bladder. Well the Gall Bladder is coming out!  Its a simple procedure the surgeon said.  He makes 3 incisions sticks some stuff in my tummy watches the screens and takes it out.  No problem..... yikes.  I haven't been checked into a hospital since I came into this world.  Yes this is an out patient surgery but I still will be cut into and an organ will be taken out of me.

Surgery is scheduled for Monday and I will be taking visitors, hopefully I wont be laying in coffin with my arms crossed over my chest and my hair neatly combed.  JUST KIDDING I'LL BE FINE.  Recovery time is 5-7 days.  Until then I'm enjoying smoothies and basically rabbit food.  Unless of course I sneak a bite of real food here and there and then feel the pain later.

So here's to yummy hamburgers, tacos, hot dogs, ice cream, and cheese probably will be the death of me.

Disclaimer: I don't only eat hamburgers, tacos, hot dogs, ice cream, and cheese fries. Almost any food causes pain they just cause the most pain.  But taste so so good!


Mr. & Mrs. Wheeler said...

Oh my gosh that's so crazy!
I know the surgery will go great and I hope your healing process is super easy.
Good luck Bekah, and don't worry I'll eat all the yummy hamburgers, tacos, hot dogs, ice cream, and cheese fries that you won't be able too :)
love ya!

rebekah said...

yikes! Bummer about the surgery, but yay the problem is solved! right?

Alex and Orchid Christensen said...

OooOooo Bekah! I wish I was there to hold your hand!! You'll do wonderful though, you will!

Heather said...

Oh good luck Bekah!! That's great you know what is now though! You'll be back to normal in no time!

Jaime said...

The PW has been talking about how her brother had to do the same thing.

You gotta look at todays post. No Gravy!!

Christy said...

good luck! i love you!

Mandy Torgrimson said...

Hope you're healing up fast Bekah! I hate to think of my happy-go-lucky roommate lying in bed recovering for several days... I'm sending you lots of love and hugs and cheer in this little note. Get well soon!