Sunday, January 29, 2012

Brad Paisley

For Christmas my parents gave me 1 ticket to go see Brad Paisley in concert.  I was completely surprised.  This was something I wanted but didn't think it was going to happen because tickets can be pricey.  Christmas morning I opened a box and taped to the bottom was 1 ticket.  I was so happy.  I got to go see Brad Paisley.   Well everyone was a little confused for just getting 1 ticket.  I really didn't mind that was going by myself.

For my birthday Jeremiah got me the Scott McCreery CD because he was touring with Brad Paisley and so he wanted me to know his songs.  Placed inside the CD case was another ticket to the concert.  I would not be going alone.  I was so so so excited.  This Christmas and birthday were full of surprises.

January 27th finally came.  I had my boots and hat all ready.  Some asked if I would look out of place in the get up.  NOT AT ALL!!!

Yes, we look good! 

So happy to be there!!!

There he is! AAHHH!

Again, so so so Happy to be there!

The Band Perry

Here comes Brad!!! Virtual Reality Tour 2012

He signed that guitar and gave it away!

Yes he came back to us, it was really cool, he was so close! 

Oh and Carrie Underwood mad an appearance :)

"American Saturday Night"

My cheeks hurt from smiling so much.  I knew every song that Scotty and Brad sang.  The Band Perry put on a great show and I knew some of their stuff.  Brad Paisley is a great singer/song writer but he can really play the guitar, WOW!!!

I loved it and so grateful for the opportunity to go!

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brynne frei said...

girl you are looking GOOOOD. we saw brad paisley at stadium of fire and he really is fun in concert! so glad you had such a fun night!