Monday, June 25, 2012

2nd Place - almost 1st

Meet the Kicker Bockers.  This is who I hung out with every Friday night since April.  You could find us at the Murray Park softball field.  When I would tell most people that I was on a kickball league they would just laugh and say they haven't played that game since elementary school. But you would be surprised at how competitive some people get.

We had a pretty good team.  We won, loss and tied. When it came time for tournament we were in 6th place standing.  We played teams that we had already beat before so not problem right?  Right! We did beat them.  We made it all the way to the final game.  We played "the white team" no body likes "the white team". They are good, cocky, and super competitive.  I didn't like playing them at all.  We were ahead most the game and they had last ups and took the lead.  But it was a fun game.

We did get 2nd place and that's better than 6th place.  We had so much fun, and I'm really going to miss the people and playing.  To congratulate us on our 2nd place we got medals.  Pretty Awesome!

This isn't everyone some people are missing, but this is everyone who stuck it out in the hot sun and horrible wind and played so great!


Heather said...

That sounds like fun! Good job getting 2nd!

ShaNae said...

Hey I know Justin and annalyn! It's super fun!

Dave Ludwig said...

Purple shorts are my fav!