Sunday, January 13, 2013

2012 - You were great!

January - Brad Paisley.  My cheeks still sore from smiling so much. 

February -   Lots BYU Basketball, and went to Lady Antabellum

March - Played with niece and nephews, end of BYU basketball

April - the break up, Kickball started, state Republican convention

The Kicker Bockers!

May - Learned to play tennis, Clay Walker concert

June - The Osmonds, Rexburg trip, 7 Peaks, Kicker Bockers got 2nd place, and lots of out door activities

July - 4th of July, Rodeos, Pageant, 7 Peaks, Olympics

August - New job, Makayla Madge was born, Josh Gracin concert more fun activities with family and friends

September -  BYU Football, Family camping trip to Manti, Fall Kickball, Miller Sports Track, Healing Field

October - Conference, Fall Ball, Jared, roommate reunion Halloween

November - Election, Caleb's first school musical, California, fun at work

December - CRUISE, CHRISTMAS, BIRTHDAY...first speeding ticket

2012 was a great year. Lots of change and growth.  It's always great to look back and be reminded of all the good things in life. This year turned out a lot different than I had imagined, but it was so much better and just feels right.  Through all the change and growth my family has been my biggest support. I wouldn't be where I am with out them.  The love from my parents and siblings really has held me up when I've been down. I've made lots of great friends this year and been able to keep the ones I had already.  I love the ward I'm in and love and cherish all my friendships. The Gospel has been my strength.  I love my Savior and so grateful for His Atoning sacrifice for me.  I've been comforted, lifted, and felt true happiness because of my Savior and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I love the temple, and have been more this year than I ever have.  It's been a huge blessing to go to the house of the Lord and feel His spirt there.  I love life and look forward to 2013.

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Justin & Hayley said...

This year we've found out that it's possible for a person as confident as you to come into their own even more than before. Due to the temple, figuring out health stuff and a whole lot of other great decisions on your part. You're incredible, Bek. Love ya!