Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Beauty thats not skin deep

I've come to have a new understanding of beauty. Just like most girls in the world, I was a little self conscience of my looks. I wasn't the hot item in high school that every boy wanted to take out, but I knew that I was a daughter of God. That really didn't sink in till I came to college and then went to DC for my internship. The real change came when I took the focus off of what was on the outside and moved it to what was on the inside.

I'm happy, I love life, and I love people. I've come to see the beauty in others for what they do and what they can become. To me beauty is someone who serves others, works hard, trys their hardest in everything. I find beauty in my mother, who sacrafices for her children, my dad who works hard to provide for his family, I find beauty in my teacher who stays after hours to help a student. Beauty is an action.

I've found beauty in a busy city. Especially the city close to my heart...Washington DC. I found beauty in the metro, the smell, the people, the tunnels. Yes it wasn't much to look at the it was beautiful. It's a beautiful form of transportation. The busyness of the streets. It's so caotic, but so wonderful. The people rushing on the sidewalks...where or why they are in a hurry, who knows. The beautiful buildings, they reach up to the sky, all shapes and sizes. And they are everywhere. I find beauty in the coffee shop, the sandwhich parlors, and the fancy, high class restaruants. Oh how I love it. Now I turn to my roots...the mountains! How one can not find a facination with mountains is beyond me. The sun rising over the peak, and setting in the evening while rays hitting the clouds just right. Oh my it takes your breath away. And I know that sounds so cliche. The water is God's gift to man, all that lives under and above.

Beauty is all around. But I'm going to find beauty in everyone. Even if it is a challenge.

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