Monday, November 24, 2008


Through the years I've experienced many great things. Why am I college? I realized that it's because my parents and all of my older siblings went to college. Thats a tradition. I fold my clothes the way my mom folds her clothes...tradition and education. My testimony, now of course I have my own testimony by it wasn't always like this. I first had to rely on my parents to help me. They both come from strong families who love the Gospel as well. So many things in my life are because of my parents.

In class today we read "The Lottery" I had seen the movie before, it's not my favorite story. Bro. Grant was passing out rocks before class. He didn't say we had to take one, but I was offered one and everyone else was taking one so I took one. After reading about that horrible tradition in that villiage why would I take a rock. I didn't even know why Bro. Grant was passing out rocks.

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