Thursday, January 8, 2009

12 Credits of Fun....and academic value of course

I have now been to all of my classes at least once. It's going to be a fun semester, busy, and lots of work. But I'm going to love it.

Wake up at 7ish
Head to work 8:45
Open the office at 9:00
Clock out 11:20
11:30 - Experiential Education - First off, it was kind of hard to find the classroom. Who knew it would be in dance studio? The teacher came in and asked us to take our shoes and socks off. Then explained that all barriers are down for this class. It's going to be a lot of fun. I love doing different activities while applying life principles.
1:00 Go home for a quick lunch
1:45 Head to the Taylor
2:00 Prep for Eternal Marriage - This class was full to the max and about 10 people were trying to add. Man you would think that it's a commandment to get married or something. ;) But then once the teacher came in and introduced himself I knew why this class was so popular. Bro. Chapman, he is such a fun guy. Has a strong testimony of marriage! He told his story of meeting his wife while serving their missions and then how much he loves all the silly romance that goes into it. And says marriage is the best thing he has ever done. But it hasn't always been easy. We then discussed some principles that we will discuss in class and will help us in marriage. He started off with this great song that I would like to share the lyrics with you.
Sung to the tune of "Choose the Right"
" Choose to date when the choice is place before you.
Choose to date; the Holy Spirit guides.
Dating's light is forever shining o'er you,
When in your date your heart confides.
Choose to date. Choose to date.
Let 'hanging out' go marching out the door.
When you date, you'll find your mate!
And God will bless you ever more."
I thought this song was great. And yet sometimes easier said than done.

Yesterday was the first night of country dancing for the semester. It was so much fun to be back in the "saddle" again. I enjoy teaching with my partner and the look of people's faces when they learn a difficult dance move. Plus I love country music, why not dance the night away while getting a good work out.

In bed before midnight.....

Wake up 6:45...this is so hard
Head to class 7:45
8:00 Facility Management - Luckily today he told us that he's not going to start class till 8:15 from now on. So that will give me a little bit of time in the mornings. This class should be pretty interesting, we are going to be learning all aspects of managing a facility.
10:15 Latin Dancing!!! Yes I'm going to be using my hips
11:30 Program Management - I'm very excited for this class. It's with the same teacher as Facility Management...luckily I really like him. This class is lots of group work and we are going to learn all the mechanics in running a program. Woo Hoo!!
1:00 Work
5:00 Go Home or maybe not who knows

I know that this semester will be different than any semester I've ever experienced. I've never worked part time while going to school. I'm also happy that in every class that I have I know someone and in my Rec Management classes it's a lot of the same people. It's almost like we are a little family.

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