Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bekah=RecSports Secretary

Along with new classes this semester, I was blessed to find good job that is flexible with my schedule. I'm a secretary in the RecSports office in the Hart Building on campus. Thats where the exercise facilities, swimming pool, the main gym, and everything else that has to do with physical education is. It's a fun office, and I really answer more question about the building than I do about Rec Sports. But I'm sure that will change once the games start. It's going to be a whole new group of people that I work with and even associate with. I'm excited to learn to skills and try new things. Yeah for the Activities Program!!This is the view from the hall.

This is Zach, he is great. He gave me a big hug my first day on the job!

My view from my desk.

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Ashley said...

How fun!!!!!! If I am ever in the Hart when you are working I will have to stop by and say hello!!!