Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ending 2008 with a Bang!!

I'll be honest, I expected to work the whole break, and I wasn't looking forward to it. But I'm blessed with a wonderful family and amazing friends. From lights, concerts, ice cream, Christmas, birthdays, reunions, and New Years! Here are some pictures enjoy!

The day the semester ended I raced home from school to go to the Mo Tab Christmas concert. We were a little late making it to tracks and then we ran to the Conference Center and right as we walked up to the door they told us it was full. So we went and looked at the lights on Temple Square. I do enjoy spending time with Caleb and Dinah. They have so much energy and love to be with me. Caleb always says thank you when I take him places or do something for him. He's super smart and is getting to the fun pre teen stage. Dinah loves to hug. She asks me everyday when am I done with college. She is a girly girl to the tee. She is a beautiful ballerina! And I love it when she wants to sleep down stairs with me. The lights were beautiful as always, and it helped bring in the Christmas spirit.

The next day I was in the car headed to the grocery store with my mom and sister when we got a call from a family friend wondering if we wanted some Jazz tickets. I've never been to a game before so I gladly said I would go...but I had to get a date. Matt Merrell came, it was lots of fun. To bad they lost.

I went to West Jordan High School's choir concert. Afterwards some of us went to Leatherby's. Yum yum yum!! And the sad part is, we were the old kids of the group. So we took a picture! Its fun to have the guys back from their missions. FYI this was Michael's first Leatherby's experience.
This is the only picture I have from the Christmas festivities. I love Benjamin!
For my birthday we gathered the girls and went to the Cheesecake Factory. That place was hoppin! It was good food and I enjoyed time with family!

Now that all the guys are back from their missions we had a 2005 Madrigal reunion. It was fun to see more than half of the group. We went around and updated everyone on our lives, watched the movie and slide show we made. It's amazing how things have changed, but we are still great friends. My favorite part was singing together again. Wonderful group of people who have change my life good!

I think that was his 3rd piece he was shoving into his mouth!

Welcome to America Bryant!!
A great way to bring in the New Year! Thanks to Ben Craven for holding a fun party at his house. We played a really funny game called "He said She Said" watched the ball drop, laughed a lot, ate good food, and stayed there till 2:30 AM. It was great.
I love this picture of RJ!!
Kaitlyn brought in the New Year with a kiss!
New Year's Day a group of us went bowling. I did horrible but I had fun. Luckily I had a coach to help me improve.
Please notice the 5 step approach and not my rear end!

It was a wonderful break. And now I must get back to the life of college. I love BYU-Idaho, but it greeted us with freezing weather. I think this will be my last winter here. I better enjoy it while I can!

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Mandy Torgrimson said...

Cute Cute Blog Bekah! Looks like you had a fun holiday!