Wednesday, February 11, 2009

J+M=Power of Love

I would like to take this time to write about 2 people who I love and now they love eachother. Matt McMurry and Jaime Forman.

I met Jaime through an organization called Oakcrest Girls Camp. We had an alias, lived up in the mountains of Kamas Utah and only showered up twice a week. In this organization we sang before and after every meal, chanted at each other while standing on benches, and brainwashed little girls in to thinking we were the best thing slice bread came after. Jaime a.k.a. Plinko was among the favorite of the crew and the girls.
Jaime is the in the smack middle 5th in from the left and the right.

Well....I think it's best you don't ask.

She is nothing but loveable. Well I take that back, she's everything especially loveable. I had the great pleasure of having a class with her where we got to know eachother better, then had lunch together at least once a week, and finally last semester we were roommates. I seriously can't get enough of this girl.

Now for Matthew McMurry. I must tell you that I met him with an alias as well. Max Power. And I'm serious I thought that was his name. I remember the day that I found out it wasn't his name, I was a little disappointed actually I thought it was a cool name. Either way I thought he was a really nice guy, but to this day I still call him Max. Max was also in the class with Jaime and I, and I must also include Lori, I wouldn't have taken the class if it wasn't for her. It was a pretty small class so you got to know everyone in the class. Max always made really thought provoking comments, they were rare and I think thats why they were so great.

I have to tell you that I got all these pictures off of facebook. And I believe that they made this raft themselves.

Matt is really great as well. He is a hard worker and is just a fun guy to be around. I think my favorite quality about him is he knows who he is. Meaning he's not here to impress anyone by doing or being someone different, knows what he wants in life. He is always serving others and has helped me on many occsions.

Well him and Jaime would walk home together from class sometimes. And Jaime one day asked me..."do you think Max and I could be lovers?" It was a great class, I miss it sometimes, it changed my life thats for sure. The class ended and all of us remained friends through facebook and such. Then this past fall he happened to move into the ward we were moving into and really that was that. We knew that our apartments would hang out, and then he and Jaime just hit off really well again. If you want the full story please click here.

I was lucky enough to be apart of this great union, I loved seeing it blossom and I enjoy being around both of them seperate or together. I've never seen both of them so happy. And if they are happy I'm happy. April 10th is the big day.

Here's the rock that sealed the deal. I love it. Haven't seen one like it. You can't really see the detail but it's 4 small princess cut to make the one.

And here is the happy couple. They are both amazing and when together they are unstoppable. Love the McMurry Power!!

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Jen said...

The raft is awesome. Also, I always get excited for the newly engaged (strangers even) because I know just how happy and excited they are. So cool!