Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Middle Eastern Roommate

Brooke is a trooper! Every Thursday night for the past four weeks she has gone to a 12 hour clinical in I.F.

I feel bad because I never remember till I come home and she is already gone. It's kindof lonely sleeping in our room by myself. But I'm glad that she is progressing in the nursing program. She usually gets home around 7:30 AM on Friday morning. Being that it is winter she usually is cold. Well I'm a really nice roommate, I turn back on my heated blanket and I let her sleep in my bed. She snuggles right in there...what can I say? I have a really comfortable and warm bed. I walked in to grab my back pack, and this is what I found.

I call it her "turban". But I can't blame her. It's hard to sleep when it's bright outside. Oh how I'm going to miss her after she gets married.

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