Friday, May 1, 2009

Of Course!!!!

Here is a follow up to my last post. I've finished all my homework, the weekend is here. I'm headed to hot spring for the night to play in the water.

This quote was sent to my email today....answer to my prayers!

The Lord Knows How to Resolve Problems

"No matter how difficult the problems that surround you, the Lord knows how to resolve them. As you exercise faith, doing what you can, He will help you handle those things within your capability. He will bring into your path priesthood leaders who can counsel and advise, friends who can give you support, and parents who can provide answers. Through the avenue of prayer and the path of inspiration, He will help you know what to do. It is a process that takes time to master, but knowing that it exists should give you great comfort as you face the difficult decisions you must now make in life."
Richard G. Scott, "Making the Right Choices" (CES fireside for young adults, Jan. 13, 2002), 2

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Lacey said...

That is such a good quote and it's so true. If only we could always remember it and not get so caught up and worried about the future or making the wrong decision.