Saturday, August 22, 2009

DC and the Dream Team.

Here it is ladies and gentleman. A brief overview of the spectacular trip to the land of DC. Of course I can't possibly go into very much detail with everything, but there are some great high lights. A shout out to my traveling buddies, it was a great time, we basically painted the town red, with a lot of laughs in between. A huge thank you to Tana and Von for their wonderful hospitality and Christian and Clarissa for letting us stomp on their turf for a couple nights. I miss you all!

Here we go!!!

Here we all are on the plane. Set to Jet...

Arriving to my emerald was so fun to fly over the city. Enjoy the view.

you can see the LDS temple way off in the distance on the left

What a beautiful sight to have Washington welcome us into the city.

Lincoln was even able to make it to the arrival

So happy to be there. Let the fun begin!!

Tana met us at the airport, we went to her place and unloaded our luggage ate some yummy food and we were on the metro.

First stop...the "Mall". Kimberly was there to greet us as we stepped off the metro. It was so great to see her. She had been doing an internship in DC. It was so fun to be there together again. She came out to see me when I was doing my internship, you do it once and it's a tradition.

Here is my mother getting some good shots and resting her feet.

WWII Memorial, beautiful!!!! You have to get a picture with your home state...

and where you go to school....

and especially where you do your internship.

See how great this place is.

I'm happy as a clam to be here.

I love this shot!!!

Korean war memorial...this one is really awesome at night.

Honest Abe...there he be sitting on his throne. This one is one of my favorites. I love sitting on the steps and looking across the reflection pool.

See what I mean.

The next day we went through the Natural History Museum. This was really cool. Saw some interesting displays on bones and bodies.
Yes I'm crawling through a tunnel built for 5 year olds....what's your point?

One of the workers was kind enough to pose for a picture.

He's a little camera shy, and doesn't get out into the sun much.

Hannah and I found some bones, we thought we would join the club.

Funny story about this rock. You see it right as you walk in, nobody was really paying attention to it at all, well I found it as a good photo opportunity. We were in the middle of taking some pictures when crowds of people come up and are all interested in what it is. The next thing you know they too are taking pictures by it. It was so funny, we laughed about it for a while.

This is where I would enter for work the days I was at the EEOB. Oh the memories.

We spent a couple days at the American History Museum. It was probably my favorite. It's huge and has a lot of fun artifacts from American history.

My personal favorite was the display of First Lady's Dresses, here is Laura Bush's dress she wore for an inauguration. I like red!

Of course the famous Rubies...No Place Like Home.

I liked this display. Especially the way they are all lit up in the picture.

Being an intern at the White House you have some perks that others don't. One is you know someone who can give you a West Wing tour. Darin was kind enough to do the task. My mom, Sarah, Hannah, and Kimberly had never been. It was so fun. Darin you are great, like I've told you before, if you come to Rexburg or Salt Lake, you will get a great tour. :)

Outside the West Wing lobby. If the president is in the office there is a Marine standing outside the door....little WW fact for ya.

Here is the trusty man himself from Lincoln Nebraska, Ladies he is single....

This is the Indian Treaty room in the EEOB, fun place, and they even set up the podium for us.

Yes you have to have a special pass to get in.

Here is where I would sit to eat lunch and read a book. I called dibbs on my spot before I left so its always open for me.

First visit to Pot Bellys, delectable!! A Wreck is full of goodness.

I was able to go see where Kimberly was doing her internship. She worked at a fitness center in an Intelsat building. There were some funny pieces of "art" in the building. We had fun taking pictures with this phone booth.

It's kindof a funny angle because it was on self timer on the floor., but I think it's cool.

Here is where she works her magic. She's a dream team when in comes to step. I'm so glad she was able to have the DC experience. Love you too Kimberly.

Back at the American History is a bit of history that I remember very well. The dreadful events of September 11, 2001. Here are two beams from the I think 79th floor.

I thought this was so interesting, some artifacts from the plane that crashed and a badge from a worker at the Pentagon. It was so interesting to see something there that I could recall exactly what I was doing on that day. I was apart of history.

Just making some friends with the workers in the "automotive" section. Such friendly staff.

Just out stopping traffic.....

Funny story....Hannah and I go pose for this picture. I thought it would be fun to swing in it. Well I swung right out of the picture....Hannah looks great though.

More friendly workers, giving us a lift on the bus.

Cute little pregnant lady, there are staff everywhere willing to take pictures with you. Almost like Disneyland.

I really liked this orange bus. Or maybe just really picture happy. Either way, the American History Museum is great.

to be continued....


VonTana said...

I want to see you return the favor to Darin by getting him a secret pass to the temple... without involving a baptism!!! :)

bekah said...

yay for DC! great pics, thanks for sharing

Brynne said...

one day you can give me a tour of dc. thanks.

Ashley said...

Fun pictures!!! That was a cool fact about there being a Marine outside that door when the President was in his office! I bet you know a ton of cool things like that!