Friday, August 28, 2009

Let the Good Times Roll

Oh I believe August is one of my favorite months. So much has happened, try to keep up.
These beautiful ladies are a dream. Sister Hayley Smith and Sister Taylor Smith. They were companions in St. Louis MO. They were kind enough to be an honorary companion. We went on lots of adventures in a short weekend. We went to the ice caves and sanddunes with a group of people but sadly I don't have any pictures. Hopefully I'll get them soon. This day we went to Island Park and went boating. All 3 of us rode on a 2 person tube. It was quite the fun, and ended with a bang! Quite literally, I was 10 ft away from them, I karwheeled across the water. Little bit of head ache, but it was a beautiful day.
After the Boating escapade Hayley's dad treated us to Big Jud's. This is a must if you are ever in the are. All 6 of us split these two beauties....yummy!

Night out on the town included ice cream and a gorilla suit....
Followed by a Star Wars space ship....yes in Rexburg ID

Just chilling on Patsy's Porch. Oh Hayley, I adore her.

The Sandbar in St. Anthony is quite the best kept secret. We enjoyed a Saturday afternoon there right on the Snake river.

I went to Krisann's ward FHE which actually is my old ward 3 yrs ago. We went to Heise Golf Course. It was a fun little rustic miniture golf course. The turf was wet and I slipped and got my pants all wet, but oh well. No I did not slide down.
This was hilarious, an out house was one of the "holes" we had a little fun with it.
This was the driving range. I love this shot.
Of course we have to do some jumping pictures....
We had so much fun making shadows.
After miniture golf the ward treated us to pizza. Krisann and I sit down next to a small group of people in the ward. Right away I recognize the young man I'm sitting next to is Jon Peter Lewis from American Idol acouple years ago. I didn't make a fuss and he introduced himself as Jon. He's there to finish up getting a degree in generals, he was in the ward before his fame. It came up that I did an internship in DC he asked where and I said the White House then the conversation turned into talking about politics...we differ greatly. It was a good discussion. He never mentions AI and I don't ask, I'm enjoying having a normal conversation. Then a bishopric member walks up and said that he had heard that he was on American then I figured that was a signal that I could ask. Don't worry it was pretty casual still. It was fun. I must admit really wierd though. He's a nice guy yet I don't think he's thrilled to be back. we both told each other it was nice chatting and that was that. JPL is back in Rexburg.

I'm excited for Fall, I love Fall. The smells, the colors, the events,'s great.
till next time,


Alex and Orchid Christensen said...

I love you Bekah!!!!!!!!!! IT was a lot of fun!!!

Hannah Jane said...

I'm so jealous!!! I want to be in Rexburg!!!!

Rad Rachel said...

Ha! American Idol huh? That's great. It looks like you're doing every fun adventure possible before the semester starts!!! Good idea. PS- I'm back in the Burg and I loooooovve it!!!!!!

Rad Rachel said...

BEKAH. I'm living in American Manor again- but not until Monday. I'm staying with Brittany in MARRIED HOUSING!! :) K the fair sounds rad. I want to play! Call/text me