Thursday, September 10, 2009

Eastern Idaho State Fair

I love the fair. When I was in 3rd grade our class participated in a essay contest...I got third place. Ever since then I always got warm fuzzies when I attended a fair. This year was no different. The Eastern Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot Idaho.

Ashley is going on a mission in 2 weeks so it was completely necessary that she attend the fair during her visit.
I love them both...especially at the fair.

First stop...Arts and Crafts. These cakes are amazing, the them was "the wedding dress" . I don't think I would have one for my wedding, but they were fun to look at.

I loved these tractors, the owner said we could take as many pictures as we wanted. it was so fun.


My friend's family actually owns this petting zoo, it's so fun. I petted an emu, alpaca, llama, goats, and who knows what else. It was so cool, most the animals were just out walking about.

These little piglets are only 2 days old in. So cute, the poor mother looks exhausted.
I couldn't resist taking a picture. Talk about child labor, this poor little guy fell asleep on the job. Who knows what got past him...ha ha ha

More tractors, oh it was fun.

This is the biggest cow I've ever seen. We had a whole picture shoot by it.

I love how Ashley is standing in this picture, she looks so small.

of course we had to do some jumping pictures....Scott obviously can get better air than I can.

Woo Hoo we love big cows.

Who knew you could have a whole museum for potatoes. We had to get a picture with the giant potato.

These horses were so beautiful and big. I loved them. I think I got spooked and that's why my hand is up by my shoulder, or maybe I'm just being patriotic.

The Motor cross was AMAZING!!!

Hayley, Jake, Scott, Ryan, Luke, Kevin, and I were highly impressed. If you never been before you should go when you have the chance. It was so great. These guys were top notch. They were popular in the Motor cross world too...well thats what I was told. Either way it was great I would have gone again.
Miss Hayley and I enjoying the smell of gas and dust at Motorcross show. I just love this girl, everyone needs a Hayley in their life.

Here are some action shots, I promise there are motorbikes in there with people riding them, even though they may look like a big blur.

So the grand finale is a snow mobile doing some jumps and then amaze us all with a back flip off the ramp. Well...that didn't happen, he didn't make it all the way around and the snow mobile landed on him. It was horrible. The whole stadium went silent. Luckily he was ok, but it looked painful.

Back at the Mckee petting Zoo.

I was too chicken to feed them out of my hands, one day I'll do it though

No State Fair is complete without a funnel cake.
These fine people are experiencing the goodness for the first time. What a thrill.

K--so bad picture but look at those horns. AAHHHH........

This miniature pony was so funny, right when I took the picture it made this face. Hahahahaha so great.

I really wanted this hat. I was so close to buying it, but then figured it would have been a frivolous purchase. But I'm glad I got a picture. Hayley makes it look good.

Every time I would look over at those bears I thought they were real, like someone had trained them or something.

It was a fun time at the fair. The smell of fried greasy food, the crazy people, the bright lights, and those well earned blue ribbons, it's what it's all about. I didn't play one carnival game or ride any rides. Would have been fun but I was perfectly content just walking around and enjoying every one's company. We did attend the Hypnotist show. It was so funny. I was crying because I was laughing so hard. I'm so grateful for the different events in the world that bring people together. Thanks to everyone who I went with and thank you Blackfoot for hosting the party.

To look forward to:First day of school; Family Bowling; Suprise Trip to Powell Wyoming.


Ashley said...

Bekah! Ya for the Eastern Idaho State Fair!!!!!! What a fun place, and fun people to be there with! Loved all these pictures too!! Bekah you are so great and I miss you!

nataliegu3 said...

i love your pictures! i haven't seen you foreverrrrrrrr.. you have a really cute sense of humor.
that mini pony's face is so funny.
& i totally agree with you that everyone needs a Hayley in their life. my best friend is Hayley too and she's awesome!