Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Family isn't it about time....

So the first day of school I get a call from my cousin David. "Bekah are you busy right now?" "I wont be in 10 mins" "Do you want to go bowling?" "I don't have any socks" "I'll go pick them up"

10 mins later we were bowling. Of course it wouldn't be complete without Chelsey, she came shortly after and we had a little Family Home Evening bowling. It was so fun. We might even create a Rec team this semester and call our selves..."MAYDAY, MAYDAY" Grandma and Grandpa would be so proud.

It's so fun having family up here, I only wish Hannah, and Sarah could have joined us.


Hannah Jane said...

UGH!!!! I can't stand looking at your blog!!! it makes me so jealous!! Yet I can't help but look!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you

Ashley said...

So my question for you... who won!? I just love this family!

Alex and Orchid Christensen said...

i love you.