Sunday, September 27, 2009

Powell Wyoming!!

I have a dear friend Ashley Akin who has been called to serve the the Orlando Florida Mission. Orlando will never be the same. Miss Ashley came to visit for a couple days just before the semester started. We had so much fun. Before she said goodbye she mentioned that she was speaking in church that Sunday. I said goodbye for 18 months, with lots of hugs and well wishes and I went to class. While at work that day I mentioned to my cousin David (who I dare say is a little sweet on Ashley) that he should drive to Powell Wyoming and surprise her. He was sold on the idea and I figured I was too. Sunday I was supposed to wake up at 5:15 AM but slept in and woke up when David called me to wake up, he was right out side my door. I had to hurry and grab my stuff, including a dress, pillow, blanket, and scriptures. No I didn't grab a brush..oh well such is life. We hit the road, we had nice church music and had lots of time to just talk. It was great. We got there in just about 5 hours. Yes we had to turn around a couple times but we made it to church just in time for the Sacrament. Both of us were so excited to see Ashley's face, and I wish I could have taken a picture. She was up on the stand and at first looked really confused, but once it hit her she had the biggest smile on her face, it was priceless. She did a great job on her talk and really the meeting couldn't have gotten over soon enough, I wanted to talk to her. Afterwards she came literally running down and gave the biggest hug and was so happy we were there. We met her family and they too were so happily surprised. They invited us over to their house, Ashley gave us tour of Powell, and we ate a yummy dinner and then we had fun making some music. They had a cello and Ashley's mom plays the violin and viola, so we played some duets. David helped Cody...Ashley's little brother with the trumpet. It was so fun! I was really sad to leave. It was such a fun trip and I would do it over again. I'll miss Ashley but Orlando needs her. God speed sister!

Poor kid, broke his arm so has to play backwards.

David in the car

We got to drive through Yellowstone. I wish my mom could have been there. It was so beautiful and we even saw some wild life. David and I come from a family that likes to go on drives, we loved the drive.
There were so many bison. I think they are weird looking animals.

Of course we had to take pictures at the state line.

David has become one of my best friends and I would go on a road trip with him anytime. We had so much fun. While David was asleep in the passenger seat I had some time to just reflect and ponder on the wonderful blessings in my life. I really can't complain. The scenery was beautiful, I wish I could capture it all. The leaves were starting to change colors and it was a rainy day so everything smelt fresh and clean. I could have spent all day there. We are so blessed to live on this earth.

Here is a little bit of what I did capture. How could anyone say there isn't a God.


Ashley said...

Bekah!!! I can't even begin to explain to you how grateful I am for you!!!!!!!!!! What a blessing you have been to me in my life!!! The day you two came to Powell will be a day I will ALWAYS remember!!!! One of the happiest :) Did i tell you that my checks hurt when you guys left from smiling so much while you two were there!? I love you both for being in my life and for coming all the way to Powell, Wyoming!!!! I am going to miss you so much!!! Please write me whenever you can to let me know all about your life!!
love you and miss you lots!

Jack and Jenay said...

Hey Bekah! How have you been?? I haven't talked to you in so long!! I just saw your blog from Tiffany's and stopped to take a look. You look like you are having a ton of fun!!