Thursday, December 3, 2009

Grad Night with Pres. Clark

Last night it started to sink in that I'm actually graduating.  I'm trying to convince myself that I actually want to graduate.  Although it would difficult at the point to fail my classes, most of the work is already done.  Darn, maybe I could pay one of my teachers....just kidding.  After last night I realized that I need to graduate and start help building the kingdom.

I've been so so so blessed to be able to attend school at this university.  I feel it was tailor made just for me.  All the experiences I've had here have been exactly what I needed.  I wish I could explain more exactly what makes this place so special, but what it comes down to is the "Spirit of Ricks".  You can't describe, you have to feel it or see the effects of it.  Here is a little about BYU-Idaho that I cut out of a program from a musical performance:
       "...the school is more than just a facilitator of academic degrees.  BYU-Idaho is a disciple preparation center where students come to better know the Savior by following His example of service and love.  These lessons in discipleship help prepare students for lifelong service in the home, the Church, and the workplace.  A tradition of service, hard work, friendliness, and compassion is being preserved and enhanced throughout the campus community." 

Last night President Clark gave some great council that gave me some things to improve and ponder in my life. One of which is, "The distance between you and the world can not stay constat"  We live a remarkable time, but we also live in some very troublesome times.  I have great hope in the future, but I must not set my standards by the world.  As the world is getting darker and darker, the Gospel is becoming more powerful and a great beacon of light.  Where ever I go, I need to be part of that light, share that light and help others radiate that light.  There have been many prophesies about the graduates of BYU-Idaho, I pray that I may live up to those prophesies.  I have learned and discovered many wonderful things up here, but the most important is my testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ.  He is our Redeemer. He came to this earth, lived a perfect life and then Atoned for our sins and transgressions. He has been lower than anyone can ever go.  And He did to glorify His Father.  I know this, I have found out for my self.

It was a great night, it was fun to see all the other graduates.  Especially the people that started the same time I did.  There were 4 of us girls who started our Freshman year living at Kensington, and now we are all graduating together.  It was fun to talk about our Kensington days.  We had fun and continued to have fun as we moved on to other complexes, decided on our majors and grew into beautiful young women. 

Theses girls are just a few of the wonderful people I came in contact with while my time here.  I'm sure I will write about some more as my time comes to an end.  10 more days here in my lovely place called Rexburg. May I make the most of it.



Hayley said...

Great thoughts Bekah! I'm so sad you're going to be leaving! But we both know you won't be out of my life, even though some dreams may say so....haha.
You have a powerful testimony and I'm constantly amazed at your deep thoughts for life itself. Thank you for sharing and inspiring! Love ya lots!

Heidi Madsen said...

I just love you! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and testimony, you are truly amazing!

... said...

hey cuz, you!