Sunday, December 27, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Many people blessed my life while I attended BYU-Idaho.  I wish I could have said goodbye to all of them, but that was not physically possible.

Here is Bishop Saurey and his wife.  This was my very first bishop up at school.  He helped me through a rough time, and I kept in touch with him the whole time while I was up there.  He's even been to my house and had dessert with my family.  I love this couple very much and whenever I'm in Rexburg you can bet that I will go see them.

Here is Bishop Taylor, I worked with him when I was Relief Society President.  He and his wife love having the college students out at their house.  We made it a tradition to camp out in his back yard during the summer.  He also helped me grow into the person that I am today.  They have not seen the last of me.

These girls became my country dancing pals.  Amber, Chelsea, and Sally. All wonderful young ladies, and I will miss seeing them once a week.

Here are my country dancing boys....Logan and I met our first year then he went on a mission.  It was fun to teach with him again.  Juston is quite the charmer, I will miss dancing with both of them.

Here is my Annie.  Oh how I love this girl.  She was my roommate last Winter.  Now she is preparing to serve a mission in Little Rock, Arkansas.  She will bless so many lives, I'm grateful I was able to see her before she left. 

Sister Jacobson...there are no words to describe how much I love her.  She not only was an adviser and a dear friend.  I will miss her dearly, but I know that she will always be in my life.

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa!  We shared an office and a good time was always to be had.  We would always find something to laugh at.  There were times we laughed so hard I cried.  It wasn't uncommon for us to burst into song and dance.  She always looks likes a million bucks and has a beautiful voice.

Oh Orchid. This girl is one of a kind and I love every bit of it.  She had a super busy semester being sick and surviving student teaching.  I'm so happy we were able to get together before I left.  We always have something to talk about, and could talk for hours.  Love love love Orchid.

Caitlin, oh my Caitlin.  She will always be one of my favorite people.  I'm so grateful I was able to be her roommate last year, and I saw her quite a bit this semester.  This picture was taken right before she left while I was doing clean check.  After wards we both broke into tears.  She is amazing and I will see her soon.

Charity never faileth.  She is one of my favorite roommates.  I never heard her say anything mean about anyone.  She recently got married, and I'm happy that she is in the Salt Lake valley so I can see her again soon. 

Mandy Mandy Mandy!!!  I love this girl.  She is a great example to me.  I love it when we get together and just talk.  We are starting a book club so I look forward to keeping in close touch with her.

Like I said I wish I could have a picture with everyone, but there are much more I could talk about.  I know that the Lord places individuals in your life for a reason, and He knows who will help me become better.  I just hope that I made some difference in their life as they did mine.

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