Friday, January 8, 2010

Some holiday fun!

I was able to spend Christmas with all of my family in Sunny California----the most magical place on earth...Disneyland.  It was wonderful, the first time I entered the park the greeter said, "Welcome Princess" I knew right then that this was going to be a good trip.  We had a blast, yes there were lots of people but 5 days there you have more than enough time to do what you and more.  I will post pictures later.

To bring in the New Year, Kimberly came down from Rexburg and we headed up to the U of U institute where they were having a big bash.  There were lots of people and it was funny because Kimberly and I saw more people we know then our friends who attend the U. 

Oh how I love this girl. I hope she gets a job in Utah and I can see this smiling face more often than not.

This is Tracy, I met her in a computer lab in the library.  She is the  I was so happy to see her.  She was just one of the many that i saw.

Bryant and Chris....I don't quite know what to say about this picture.

Here's the gang, we just happened to meet up with Trent.  I cut myself off, oh well, it's not about me anyways.

Welcome to 2010!

Afterwards we went to my house and played Curses till 2:00 AM. I must admit that it had been a while since I've laughed so hard.


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Rad Rachel said...

The picture of you and kimberly is so cute. And I didn't know you knew Traci! And that she graduated! OH man. She helped me one too many times with my i-learn issues. I love that girl! Oh and you of course :)