Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yup, I love it!

For years I have witnessed family members, friends, and complete strangers go crazy over sports. Myself never really got into it.  I never followed a team or really knew anything about any players. I'm happy to report that this has changed.

It all started when I bought season tickets to BYU football.  The first couple games I had lots of questions, but I slowly picked up on the rules, and tatics.  I even did some research on the players and read about their positions, strengths,  and life in general. I loved going to the games, I loved the feeling of being in the stadium, I loved it all. I especially LOVED it when they won.  It was a tough start but they eventually pulled through and ended the season well.

The next week after the last home game was the Blue and White game for basketball.  We went. It was the closest I had ever sat to the court.  And thats where my love for Jimmer Fredette, Jackson Emry, Brandon Davies, and Charles Abouo began.  Really it was love at first sight, for them as well.

Time went on, I kept them on my mind.  They kept winning games, I would go when my mom would let me use her pass.  The love for those boys just grew and grew and Noah Hartsock and Kyle Collinsworth earned their place in my heart.  If I couldn't go to a game I was watching it on TV or listening on the radio.  This was becoming my team, my first one ever.

They were on fire, a big win over San Diago State becoming #3 in the nation.  I was so happy for them. Then it all came crashing down.  Brandon Davies was suspended from the team.  I was so sad when I heard the news.  I felt bad for him and I felt bad for the team.  I watched the team fight so hard to try and beat New Mexico but it was happening.  I was so sad, I wanted to cry.

I didn't know what was wrong with me.  Never before had my emotions been effected by a sports team.  But I was and still am completely emotionally invested in this team.  I can't get enough of them.  Today I spent my lunch hour watching their first game in the tournament, I was nervous. But don't worry they won.   But now they have to play New Mexico, and now more than ever I want them to win.

So there, I have admitted to it. I love BYU sports. You can bet that I will be purchasing season tickets to both football and basketball next year, and they wont be in the student section, I want a seat I can call my own that will be waiting for me each game.


Mandy Torgrimson said...

We have also been enjoying BYU basketball this season...Of course, Wes has always been a fan of sports, but I get way more into basketball with him than football. We've had fun watching the games. Go Cougars!!! I love that you're a fan too.

Elle said...

Oh I didn't know who the new President was going to be but I had heard rumor that there would be. Thanks!