Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thats my Daddy!

As it is Father's Day tomorrow I've been thinking a lot about the influence my father has in my life.  He has always shown me the importance of hard work.  I think that's what he is most known for.  What ever he is doing he is doing his best.

My father has taught me to have a sense of humor.  I love laughing with my dad.  I love to see him get the giggles over something silly.  He has to have a sense of humor where he works and I love to hear the funny stores from his day.

My dad likes to travel.  Although he doesn't do as much as he would like, he's found a new love of cruising.  I was lucky enough to be with him and my mom on their first cruise.  We had so much fun, and my dad was right there doing all the many adventures with us.  My dad loves to camp, and thats one of my earliest memories is camping with my dad. He always has a camping hat, and makes sure we are taken care of whether it be a fire in the morning or something to sleep on.  He works hard even when we play hard.

My dad has a testimony of the gospel.  I've never doubted my father's faith.  When times have been tough and unsure, his faith is strong.  He serves the Lord and does all he can, then he puts his faith in our Savior Jesus Christ.  I often find him at night studying his scriptures, and then saying his prayers.  He lives his testimony and my own testimony is strengthened my his faith.  I'm so grateful that my father is a worthy priesthood holder.  He honors and uses his priesthood wisely.

I love spending time with my dad.  He is always my biggest fan, and best friend.

I love you Daddy!

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