Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Day 5: National Harbor and First Class

My last day there came way too fast.  I had so much fun, but of course you know what the saying is, "Time flies when you are having fun."  It was a Saturday so the whole family was home.  Sadly little Cora wasn't feel well so we didn't get out the door as early as we would have liked but it was nice to just have time to relax.  The National Harbor was in the direction of the air port so it worked out perfect.  It's a lot like the Gateway, but much better because it's a harbor.  Disney is building something there so I would like to back when it's finished.   We just wondered around looking at different shops, until we came to the Peeps Store, yes you read that right, the Peeps store. 

They moved one of my favorite attractions to the National Harbor, it's called The Awakening. Check it out!

Pretty cool eh.

Our last stop was Potbelly's of course.  I just can't get enough of that place.  I really wish someone would buy a franchise and open it out here in SLC.  I planned ahead and bought a bigger sandwich so I could eat part of it on the plane ride home.

It was a sad goodbye at the airport.  And CJ had to hurry home so her and the family could go to a fun dinner.  So I got dropped off about 1 1/2 hours early.  It wasn't so bad though because I like people watching.  I called my mom and let her know that I was on my way home.  I was on the phone with Jeremiah when they came over the pa and asked for volunteers to be bumped because it was a full flight.  I was first in line. Jeremiah wasn't too excited about that since he was ready for me to be home, but it was worth it to me if I could get a free ticket.  As it turns out they didn't need me, but in return for volunteering I got bumped up to FIRST CLASS! I'll take it.  

I boarded the plane and found my seat right away.  It was a window seat with lots of room and I only had one person next to me.  We chatted for a little bit about how fun it was to be bumped up to first class.  Then we realized that we hadn't taken off yet.  The pilot came over the intercom and said that because of weather we would be delayed.  I was so so so happy I was in first class.  They brought us drinks and took our order for dinner.  I was going to miss my connecting flight so I called home and let them know that I was going to be later, but I didn't know how much later.  Well 2 1/2 hours later we finally took off.  It was a long wait, and I was grateful to be sitting in first class.

About a half hour into our flight a flight attendant brought a warmed washcloth, I really didn't know what to do with it, so I pretended while I watched everyone else. I had to act like I knew how to sit first class. Then they brought us warmed mixed nuts and a beverage of choice.  Many of the first class passengers got alcoholic drinks because they didn't have to pay for them, me on the other hand asked for milk.

Then about half way through the flight our meal was brought to us.  I was expecting a meal in a box, little did I know....needless to say I did not eat my saved sandwich from Potbellys.

As you can see first class is the way to go.  I'm ruined now.  I know what I'm missing when I sit in economy class.  It was super roomy and quiet.  A great way to end my wonderful trip.  We got to Dallas and I was able to get on a flight that got me home around 11 pm.  In all it was about a 12 hour day of traveling.  Jeremiah was  a so great to come pick me up so late.  I came through the exit and he didn't even recognize me.  I was wearing a new hoodie that I bought and he was looking for a green shirt.  But it was a glorious reunion after a week.  Personally I think it was a longer week for him than it was for me.  I was happy to back with him, and my family. 


Kimberly said...

I love all these posts about D.C.!!! It made me want to go back so bad! Almost made me cry. I am so jealous that you got to go, but happy for you and glad to hear that you had such a good time!
Love you too.

Hannah Jane said...

Love the pictures sister!! It makes me soooo jealous!!
Thanks for finally putting them up I've been checking everyday!

love you too!

Brian and Jaclyn said...

Loved the DC updates! I am heading out to Philly in 3 weeks and I can't wait. There is just something about the east coast :) Anyway. I miss you. It sounds like you are just doing amazing. Let me know if you'll be up in Rexburg anytime soon!!!

hapi said...

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Katie S. said...

Looks like you had the time of your life! I've never been in first class on a flight before, looks like I'm missing out big time!