Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Dancing Shoes!

We all wear different shoes. Sunday shoes, work shoes, swimming shoes, athletic shoes, and house shoes are just to name a few.  We have to choose our shoes carefully, you can't just buy any pair of shoes...especially for country dancing.

These shoes have danced around the floor countless times. They've taught many different classes and yes sadly as you can see have gotten stepped on a couple times.  But in these shoes I made great memories and danced the night away doing the cowboy cha cha, two step, triple step, and every once in a while a fun line dance. By the time I graduated these shoes would dance themselves.

It came time to say goodbye to these shoes.  They were completely danced out.  I'm not though, I still got lots of dances left in me, but I guess I'll have to get new shoes. :)


brynne said...

yeah you are a dancer! i loved this post and could imagine you out on the dance floor. miss you girf

Clarissa Jane said...

we haven't two-stepped in the kitchen together in far too long... :)