Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Feeling Lucky

It's been a month....so lets pick up where we left off.

Valentines was great.  A DELICIOUS dinner at Flemming's Steak House, probably the best steak and potatoes I've ever eaten.  Then surprised out of my mind with the Lady Antebellum concert. WOW!!! I couldn't believe it.   I enjoyed giving and receiving Valentines and just celebrating Love all around.

February 15 - Another surprise with tickets to the US Premiere of Zorro the musical.  Oh my goodness, loved it. If you haven't gone to see get your tickets now!!  

BYU basketball season ended....it was a fun time.  Oh how I love those boys!! Oh and the Jimmer gave me a High Five!!

I had a couple days off work so I took a little road trip up to Rexburg.  It was so great.  I put up an ad on the ride board so I took 3 passengers with me to help pay for gas.  I was able to spend some time with Hannah, and just go visit friends, advisors, and teachers.  It was a practically perfect trip.  I had no obligations, and it was fun be the visitor--everyone is happy to see you.  I hadn't really been back on campus since I graduated.  And I admit that this was the first time that I haven't wished I was back in school.  Yes I loved my time at BYU-Idaho as a student, but I'm happy and love where I am now.  Not that I've been unhappy this whole time, thats not the case at all.  It's just it was different this time.  I'm not longer in that chapter of my life.  But I still love to visit.  I loved loved loved going to the temple in Rexburg.  I saw that temple come from the ground up, I helped during the open house and was there for the dedication.  It was a beautiful experience to go back.  Sadly I didn't any pictures.

Loving this weather! I got my scooter out this past weekend. BLISS!!!

Life is good!

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