Thursday, June 21, 2012


You know it's been a long time when you don't even recognize blogger and how to create a post.

Life around here has been pretty great with the sun shining and summer in full swing.  The past couple months have been full of weddings, family, concerts and fun.

A couple weeks ago I drove up to Rexburg for Sister Jacobson now Pond's wedding.  Sister J was my advisor and dear friend up at BYU-Idaho.  She was able to come down and be there when I went through the temple, and I've gone and stayed with her at her house.  We can always talk for hours and a conversation can go from laughing to crying because things are wonderful.  She finally found her sweetheart and was married on June 2nd.  It was fun because I was in the temple the exact time she was, but I was doing inititory.

The fun continued that day while shot gun shooting with Hayley and Justin.  I had never been before, but have wanted to.  I didn't realize how hard the kick back is in the gun while shooting.  I hit a clay pigeon on my first shot but it must have been a fluke because it didn't happen again.  I love spending time with Hayley, she's one of those friends I can get together with and no matter how long it's been since we've seen each other it's so comfortable and uplifting.

I also got to spend some quality time with Hannah, it was a busy weekend for her but she was kind enough to come to the reception with me and we had some good laughs over Little Cesaer's Pizza for dinner.  She's having a good time up at school and it makes me a little jealous, but not the fact that she has homework.

The reception was classy and beautiful.  I knew that the whole town would be there. Sister J is loved by all.  We waited in line for 30+ mins.  It was so fun to give her a hug and wish her well.  You could tell she was compete with her new husband by her side and was completely happy.

After the reception the fun didn't stop.  Kimberly and Tom picked me up and we headed out to St. Anthony's to Wes and Mandy's house for games.  That was so fun.  We laughed so so so hard. The later it got of course the funnier it got. Who knew the crazy things you can come up with while playing "In a Pickle". It felt so good to be around these wonderful people.  It was fun to  reminisce a little bit about our college days and it fun to see where we are all now but still great friends and always will be.    We didn't leave there until 12:30 am.  Then Kimberly and I stayed up just like old times talking till 2:00 am.  I about died the next day I was so tired.  We definitely aren't in college anymore.  But it was wonderful none the less.

Sunday morning we enjoyed breakfast and I said goodbye and headed off to Sacrament meeting with Hannah.  Then I was on the road.  The drive was beautiful, and I was listening to different devotionals and conference talks.  The last 24 hours had been  absolutely wonderful.

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Rad Rachel said...

Hi, my favorite thing to do while driving is listening to talks and devotionals. Twinners! Also, you got your endowment out? That's very exciting. I'm actually wanting to do it but a little hesitant because people pretty much tell you to be 30 beforehand. But I'm thinking, um... why?