Friday, March 1, 2013

Meet Jared Wilson Luke

Hello readers today we have a special treat.  We have an interview with Jared Wilson Luke with our first edition of Meet Jared Wilson Luke.

BH: Hello Jared thank you for being here today
JL: Thank you for having me. It is great to be here...with you.
BH: Has anybody ever told you that you are very good looking?
JL: Not until I started hanging around you. You must be the one that makes me look good.
BH: Oh I do have that effect on people.

So Jared you were born?
JL: Yes, I was born just like everybody else. 4 years after you...
BH: Not 4 years. 3.5 years
JL: RIght, and in math we round up, if we are rounding.
BH: we aren't....

Where were you born?

JL: I was born in Murray, Utah. My family lived in West Valley at the time.
BH: How many siblings do you have?
JL: I have five siblings. I am the 5th child.
BH: How many sisters/brothers and what are their names?
JL: Three sisters, two brothers. Oldest to youngest: Spencer, Krista, Adam, Megan, me, Amy. The three oldest are married, and their names follow respectively. Heather, Aaron, Sarah.
BH: Oh thats wonderful.  Who is your favorite?
JL: The soon to be in-law, Rebekah Susan Hintze Luke.
BH: Good answer.

So Jared when you were young what was your biggest fear?
JL: There was this big tree in an area of our yard we called the forest. It was section of grass, encircled by trees. One night my older siblings explained to me that it was a big scarecrow man. I was petrified of the forest at night for many years. Later I learned that it looks nothing like a scarecrow man. I was scared of that, and wetting the bed.
BH: Well that explains why you are so brave now. I hope you don't wet the bed now.  Other wise we may have a problem.

What is your favorite memory growing up?
JL: Definitely family trips in the car, and family reunions. My cousins remain some of my best friends I have in the world. Parading through the forest, holding off the German front, capturing the flag on the other side of the park during a reception. Those are the best times I had as a child.
BH: How nice.
BH: So lets talk about your middle school years
JL: Hmm...okay
BH: Would you consider yourself a popular kid?
BH: Did you ever wear braces?
BH: Did you wear Jnco jeans?
JL: Heavens no! I was definitely a nerd. I still tucked in my T-shirts till the middle of 7th grade. I certainly wasn't popular. And yes I did have braces for a good 13 months. And what are Jnco jenas? That might be a little past my time.
BH: I think thats cute that you tucked your t-shirts  in.  

Your braces did some nice work!
BH: We wont get into jnco jeans, condsider yourself lucky
JL: Most kids didn't think it was that cute. I got teased for it.
BH: Jared, what did you do in high school to fill your time outside of school?
JL: Play tennis a lot. I loved almost any kind of sport. I was in choir as well. That was one of the most influential activities I did. I also took AP Calculus my junior year and that became a extra-curricular BH: Oh well thats nice but please read the question?
JL: Besides mutual, I think that is what consumed my life. I did enjoy being with friends and going on camping trips together. But most of my social life revolved around high school activites.
BH: Where did you serve your mission?
JL: I served in the Peru Lima South Mission, under Pre. Roger C. Manning, 7th of April 2010 to 11th of April 2012.
BH: What was your favorite food in Peru?
JL: There was this dish that was served very commonly in the southern provinces called Carapulcra that they would have with birthdays and special occasions. It is amazing.
BH: I feel like you should make it for me sometime....
BH: after all, I'm a special occasion
JL: It wouldn't do it justice. We need to go down to Peru to have it. And you are the most special occasion. I think I should make you something even more special!
BH: such as...
JL: Cajun Steak.
BH: Oh like Ka-Hoon
JL: Exactly!
BH: Well up north here we say kay jun
BH: So Jared, what first attracted you to Bekah?
JL: Her striking personality. The first time we spoke, she was so engaging. She made me feel very important. It was very easy to talk with her. And on one of our first dates, she let me put my arms around her when she drove my scooter. That was pretty attractive.
BH: Everyone is trying to get their arms around were lucky
JL: I really was. In an interview the other day, the interviewer asked me, after seeing your age, asked me, "How did you get her to look at you??" I was really in the right place at the right time, and got my arms around you just tight enough to keep you.
BH: Oh Touche!
BH: Jared how you feel about marrying someone who is older than you?
JL: Oh so lucky! I never thought about it, but it really is the way to go. I couldn't have made a better choice.
JL: Not that I really made the choice, it just happened to fall in to my lap. I mean, you did.
BH: NO I did not fall into your lap.  Please keep it appropriate here.
JL: Well, not at first...
BH: hey...
BH: What are 3 words you use to describe our relationship?
JL: Extremely humorous, open, fulfilling.
BH: as in we're a big joke
JL: Extremely humorous meaning we laugh a lot
BH: Jared I take this relationship very seriously
JL: Like a lot
BH: hahahaha.....
BH: So when you say open do you mean we're in an open relationship like on FB?
JL: Ha ha, not precisely. We are very open to each other. Like a stallion is open to fresh grain. He isn't open to pizza. He is open to grain, and grain only.
BH: Oh I see, so now we are horses eating grain
BH: You can call me Black Beauty
JL: Enjoying and savouring every moment of it.
JL: Black Beauty
BH: I'll call you Secretariat
JL: How about Maximus. That is the epitome of manliness
JL: As I am the epitome of manliness
BH: Oh ok Maximus...hahaha
BH: So Maximus when did you know you love Black Beauty?
BH: I'm sorry *loved
JL: When I said good bye to her for the first time, when she went on a business trip to California. I realized it then.
BH: You just could stand to be apart
BH: you just couldn't stand to be apart
JL: Yeah, one of those, you don't know what you got til its gone type of things.
BH: She back though right?
BH: She came back though right?
JL: Oh she sure did!
BH: Oh good
BH: Jared, what are you going to school for?
JL: My major is Health Science, and I will minor in Medical Assisting. My final goal is to become a PA. That is, a Physician's Assistant.
BH: Oh so like medical school right?
JL: Yes, its like getting a masters degree to be a doctor.
BH: So we should call you Master Doctor Luke?
JL: If you want, but it wouldn't be a correct. I won't have a doctorate, so I won't be known as "Doctor" but you most certainly can call me master.
BH: Oh ok Master Maximus.
JL: Maximus is only the horse analogy. Master is for my careeer.
BH: Oh...right
BH: Jared where do you see yourself in 5 years?
JL: Hopefully just getting done with PA school, finding a job and settling down with my family. Hopefully in Utah area.
JL: Oh that would be lovely.
BH: Well for our last question why do you think Bekah is marrying you? Why you? What do you have to offer?
BH: Besides have good looking babies

JL: That certainly is a plus...I guess. Well, I mean, how can you find two cougar fans that are better than us? Come on, we are the best BYU fan couple there is. Plus, I fit her criteria of being funny, hardworking, and worthy to go to the temple with her. Appearantly, she finds me funny, and I try to do my best in whatever I do, so I say that since I love her, and she loves me, we should get hitched.
BH: I agree.

Well Jared thank you for your time.  If you were here right now I would give you the biggest kiss of you life....well one that is appropriate anyway.
JL: Thank you for having me. And I would gladly receive it.

Well folks there you have it.  My future husband.  Stay tuned for our next edition...Jared Wilson Luke the Fiance.


Clarissa Jane said...

Jared Wilson Luke, I approve.

Justin & Hayley said...

Fun idea and stories! So glad he not only fits your criteria but fits you.

Kimberly said...

You guys are so funny. We should be friends and hang out once you move to Rexburg.

Amy said...

Congrats!! I am way excited for you. Marriage is the best. You two sound like you'll have a lot of in together.