Saturday, January 24, 2009


Now I've almost been 22 for a month. It's been a great month. I feel so much more mature and wiser......hahahahahahahahah. But here are some pictures the the great event. Actually it's really the day before my birthday. But it was a party regardless.

Here is my baby Benjamin.

Adoring my wonderful birthday present that Cori and Jacob got for me. It's a painting of the Easter Egg Role at the White House. I love love love love it!

Wearing the traditional birthday glasses! And 2 candles on it. We didn't have 22.

Yes I'm cutting my own cake, but I guess I'm really the only one who wanted some :)
Along with the painting I got Wicked tickets, a vest, a curling iron, a scarf and a little portable speaker for my Ipod.
Here's to another great year!

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caron said...

Ha ha, I found you!
22, that's a great age. 23 is even better. 28 isn't so bad so far. :)
I'm glad you haven't frozen to death yet up there. Spring is coming soon!!