Saturday, January 24, 2009

MLK Day!

In celebration of MLK day my mom, Cori, and Benjamin drove up to Rexburg and we ate at Fongs, which is Cori's favorite. Then we all drove back to SLC with 2 extra passengers. It was a full car. I should have taken a picture.

When we got home I said hello to the family then headed to the YSA region activity. Chad Stringham who I rode down with went to Provo stopped at RJ, Matt's and Ben's apartment to pick up Bryant and Matt ended up coming with us as well. But I walked into thier apartment and this is what I saw.

Apparently this is what happens at BYU....all studying of course. ahhahahah. It was pretty intense there for a second.

We all went to "Jump on It" in Lindon. This huge warehouse looking building full of trampolines, even on the walls. It was fun!

On Monday all of my family minus Abby went tubging at Soldier Hollow, it was such a beautiful day. It was a fun weekend, with some other fun surprises ;). It was hard to come back to Rexburg. But as always I find so much joy in being here.


Becca said...

Fun! you went to Jump on it! I was suppose to go but Oakcrest got in the way. I kinda helped plan that, i am glad it was fun!

Becky Green said...

I can't believe Halo isn't banned in some sort of honor code at BYU. Seems like the kind of thing people like to hate.