Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Different Feeling on Campus Today

Today was a wonderful day. Started off early and it was -21* outside walking to class. It was nice and crisp. There was a different spirit on campus today because D. Todd Christofferson was on campus. He was our devotional speaker today. I was lucky enough to get a ticket on the 6th row in the center section of the Hart. While sitting in the auditorium waiting everyone was reverent and listened to the prelude music. It brought a wonderful spirit there. He gave a wonderful talk about Always Remembering our Savior. Afterwards I had to get back to work while the throngs of people lined up to shake his hand. I was a little bummed, but I was spiritually uplifted and was ok with it. After a while I was curious to see if he was still there. I peeked into the auditorium and and all the students were gone but Pres. Clark was putting on his coat and Elder Christofferson was still there with his wife. So I ran down to the stage, said hello to Pres. Clark, who remembered me from last semester :) and I asked him if I could shake Elder Christofferson's hand. He said I could and he even introduced me as one of his students. He gave me such a warm smile and shook me hand and held it for a little bit, then even brought a hand up to my head/neck and said it's so nice to meet me.

I know they are human, but it's such a blessing to know that there are living apostles and prophets on the earth today. I love this gospel, I love the power of the priesthood, it blesses my life everyday.

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Mandy Torgrimson said...

Bekah, you are so wonderful! Such a people person. I love that about you. What a great example that is to me! Love ya!