Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Day 2: Rehoboth Beach, DE
We got up early and headed out the door.  CJ surprised Sarah by telling her that she was fed up with her behavior and told her that she isn't going to school, but she is taking her to the beach.  We picked up a ward friend of Sarah's and headed our way.  I love the drive to the beach.  Driving through DE is so beautiful.  Lots of farm land and fun little houses.  It was a perfect day to go to the beach. 99 degrees out side and the water felt refreshing.  The beach wasn't even crowded.  I must admit that my body hadn't seen the sun since last summer, so I blinded all of the beach patrons, they got over it eventually.

The next 2 pictures are attempted jumping pictures....

Here is a darling picture of mama and baby, CJ is a babe and Cora is a chubby baby, look at those rolls. Love them both.

And here I am with the lady of the hour Sarah Lynn

Here we are back together again, and it's like we were never apart....well except that she has a husband and 2 kids.

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